Everything’s Coming Up Quixote

Steve Martin, longtime love of my wife (yes, I’m married, be shocked) got married this week, decreasing his home-wrecker potential. The wedding was presided over by DINO former Nebraskan Senator Bob Kerrey, which is pretty random. I’m curious as to whether being a senator gives you the ability to marry people or if Kerrey had […]

Oh Snap!

Mike Meginnis is continuing our back in forth over higher education reform here. I’m still in the middle of his piece, but wanted to highlight a section that cracked me up:

Quixote suggests reorganizing the merit aid system so that high academic performance gets you off the hook for tuition, while low performance means you […]

Rich People Zoos

Who among us has not wondered about the habits and rituals of the rich exclusive? Now, you too can know the secrets of those mischievous Brentwood residents. Just go to the nearest viewing platform, set up by Heavy Trash, and gaze in wonder…

It saddens me that the group hasn’t publicized a project in more […]

Tobin Tax

I agree with Ezra Klein’s commenters that this list of Five Lies My Economist Told Me from Foreign Policy is a fairly elementary view of of the problems with the current economic order. That said it does provide me an opportunity to talk about Big Lie #3: the free flow of international capital is a […]

Thank You/About Time

Think Progress reports that legislation to begin Gonzales impeachment investigations is coming tomorrow.

War is a Gendered Tragedy

I’m a week late to the party, but was very impressed with this article by Mike Meginnis:

War is a Gendered Tragedy

It’s well worth the read.

After Corbu is Teh Shit

Since Friday, this darling little site has moved up in the Technorati ratings from 7,918,237 to 3,908,717, jumping more than four million spots. At that growth rate, this will be the #1 rated blog by Thursday, when it will be 8 days old.

Of course, even if that were to happen, it will represent a […]

More Spatial Blogging

To continue today’s focus on the Space Hijackers, here’s a part of their manifesto that I found compelling:

Users of space are disturbing elements that enter into architecture, they are something random that the architect cannot design. To compensate for this, space is designed to control and manipulate its users into harmony with their surroundings. […]

Midnight Cricket Showdown

I don’t actually know what cricket is or why you have to play it with a fraternity’s hazing paddle, but am glad that it’s finally being used to liberate the struggling proles from their nefarious capitalist oppressors. It’s about damn time.

In the Space Hijackers 4th Midnight Cricket match, the Anarchists battled the Capitalists […]

Duh, National HC = Eugenics

Edwards does a really good job telling the story of a man who had to wait 50 years to get surgery on his cleft palate in Canada’s socialized health care system West Virginia. That said, I think Neil is overly optimistic to think this will end the anecdote war, though it may cause a transformation. […]

It’s Hard Out Here for a Student

Over at Ways to End the World, Mike Meginnis notes ever-escalating college tuition and the problems with students on merit-based scholarships under performing and suggests that all college aid should be need-based. Without merit aid, students wouldn’t be insulated from their university’s tuition increases, and so the universities would be loath to raise costs. Also, […]


I like that term. I might just start referring to myself as a hippie-tect. Thank you Dwell posting on Earthships.

What appeals to me most about Earthship construction (and it is not the aesthetics) is that they demonstrate how a lot of our industrial infrastructure could be decentralized. Need power? Use photovoltaics! Need water? Set […]

LA’s Transit Oriented Development

Here is a nice summary of all the mixed use/affordable housing projects that have or will be built around the subway stop at Hollywood & Western. This is exciting to me, because I used to live in this area (and likely will again soon) and would love for […]

Nattering Nabobs

Apparently politics is calvinball, and Democrats lose no matter what they do. Ignore trivial and baseless attacks: you’re weak/feminine/french/gay. Hit back against the attacks: you’re a whiner, and hence still weak/feminine/french/gay. It’s extremely…aggravating.

Yesterday, Jake Tapper of ABC “News” (and an expert victimologist) informed us that, surprise, Democrats are embracing victimhood. Even less surprising, the […]

Ziga Zig Ha

So I don’t normally follow trivial Hollywood uh…trivia, but this post at LAist about Lindsay Lohan’s not-so-secret plan to bed David Beckham and win $50,000 was the weirdest thing I read all day, and comes complete with what may be the funniest post title ever. The whole story makes a lot more sense if it […]

Wiki Oppression

Apparently, the sastren of neologism are under attack by the evil Wikipedia empire. They can’t get a break.