Major Hating

Annie Choi’s letter “Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit.” (via PartIV) is all hilarious, but this is my favorite part:

And then you say now I am designing a lifestyle center, and I ask what is that, and you say it is a place that offers goods and services and retail opportunities and I say you mean like a mall and you say no. It is a lifestyle center. I say it sounds like a mall. I am from the Valley, bitch. I know malls.

Oh the valley and its lame capitalist euphemisms! It’s never not funny.

The letter adroitly pillories the norms and culture of an insular field utilizing references and jokes that are only really understandable to those within said field. Which tells you what you already knew: this letter from an architectural school zine is written for…wait for it…architecture students. That said, my mind twists in knots at the implications of criticizing exclusivity using an exclusive narrative, but in an ironic way.

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