Neologist Joy From Wayback

While tooling around the intertubes, I happened upon this little bit of blog advice from 2002:

If you’re a woman who hates men, make sure to use a lot of odd misspellings, such as womyn and grrls to let men know that you hate them. Make lame comments about how all men are pigs in case they still don’t get it. Moan about your life and blame it on men. Reference your miserable high-school years. Name names.

Oh, snap! He really took it those femiwhathasits! I can’t believe that this piece is the first search result for “blog rules.” Wierd.

Anyway, I want to apologize on behalf of Mr. Dvorak to my neologist sastren out there. He was spurned a lot in high school, and is now projecting. “Grrrls” has an important place in Amerikkkan herstory — how else to referencing Bikini Kill? — and its use should not be mocked.

Seriously though, word-warping is enjoyable and sometimes useful, even if its effectiveness at subverting the patriarchy is questionable. Mary Daly’s Wickedary is fascinating, though I’m more a fan of her early stuff, before she sold out to the big labels.

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