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Apparently politics is calvinball, and Democrats lose no matter what they do. Ignore trivial and baseless attacks: you’re weak/feminine/french/gay. Hit back against the attacks: you’re a whiner, and hence still weak/feminine/french/gay. It’s extremely…aggravating.

Yesterday, Jake Tapper of ABC “News” (and an expert victimologist) informed us that, surprise, Democrats are embracing victimhood. Even less surprising, the post was instantly Instapundit-endorsed. Lets see what these Democratic complaint-monkeys are saying:

Edwards thinks the media is obsessed with his hair because they want to shut him up. It’s almost as if he noticed the month of coverage about his hair and connected it with how the press doesn’t like him and wants to bury him. Hmmmm…

Clinton’s sin? “The short, 440-word fundraising appeal uses a form of the word “attack” six times. With Clinton as the victim, naturally.” Wow! What possible justification could she have for that? Oh, earlier in that same paragraph in Tapper’s article he says:

“Last week, one of the leading Republican candidates equated Hillary with Karl Marx. Yesterday, one of the leading Democratic candidates called her ‘Bush-Cheney lite’…

It’s almost like she was actually being attacked. Though using the word “attack” six times is clearly indefensible; someone needs to spring for a thesaurus.

Trapper provides a few more data points for his victimhood these, but they’re similarly ridiculous in that there was a clear, rational cause for the things Edwards and Clinton were saying. Which of course doesn’t matter because all actions are relative:

You can view this as Democrats learning from the lessons of Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and refusing to be “Swift Boated”…or ones exploiting any opportunity to create a crusade and make money…or Democrats fed up with a system they see as stacked against them….depending on your point of view.

Which is to say, Trapper has nothing useful to say about the Democrats statements because ‘it all depends on your point of view.’ I think his editor got hoodwinked with that one, especially since Trapper was able to engage in enough uncritical thinking to title the post “Democrats as Victims?”. If he can do that, he could probably write a whole article around the right-wing talking points and leave out the “point of view” cop out. Republican shills just ain’t what they used to be…

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