So here’s the most biased description of salting you’ll ever see:

“Salting” abuse is the intentional placing of trained union professional organizers and agents in a merit shop facility to harass or disrupt company operations, apply economic pressure, increase operating and legal costs, and ultimately put the company out of business.

Now why would […]

You’re Hurting America

I agree with the arguments at Ways to End the World (here and here) that Tucker should have to turn in his pundit car keys for his interview at MSNBC. Of course, his assholery mostly exists in the tone of his statements, without a “nappy-headed hos” smoking gun, so I think he’s safe. Sadly.

What […]


So apparently there’s a lot of buzz around Female Urinals — who knew? Even more apparently, my very own little blog has the 4th best post on said topic in the whole internets. I don’t know whether to be pleased or horrified. But my emotions won’t get in the way of self-promotion. As we speak, […]


I find this discussion of art and labor at Grammar.police interesting, but have nothing substantive to add. However, the Sturtevant Mona Lisa reminded me of the much superior Frank Zappa concert poster hanging on my wall, and I wanted to share:

I’m convinced it’s actually Frank Zappa dressed and positioned in a painstaking recreation […]

Ultimate Yonic

I’d like to take a break from my phallic series to bring you the cutting edge of skyscraper design: Vaginas.

This is the CCTV Tower by OMA and is currently under construction in Beijing. This is one of my favorite new projects, not because of its anatomical references, but because the density of the […]

Moving To Penn

In light of the recent Pennsylvania boosterism of Tyler Cowen and Pax Americana, I wanted to promote/inquire into Braddock, Pennsylvania (link to artsy town website), which was given a glowing review in the current issue of ReadyMade (which sadly is not online). Instead, quoting the Pittsburg Post-Gazette:

How many places could be like this: […]

Stencil Art

Picture provided by AmazingK. Thanks!

This stencil is on a water tower near San Luis Obispo. Others can be found in Hollywood. I think they’re an impressive use of the medium, and that the artist needs to post more in-place pictures. Please.



Pax Americana asks: Who can forget Lee Siegel’s “Letter to Jon Stewart”?


I somehow completely missed this comedy goldmine, and am thus compelled/justified in pulling out the referenced bit:

You know, as unappealing as he was, Tucker Carlson never told anybody that they “smelled like ass.” I don’t even know what that means. Is […]

Easy to Drive in Heels!

I enjoy the sentiment that the perfect American car is one that reinforces the patriarchy. It feels right.

A Hair of One’s Own (sorry)

…the evidence I’ve studied and my life experiences all suggest that men and women are like two overlapping Venn diagrams in almost everything. Partly different and partly the same.

Eek! Gender…not…binary? Does…not…compute….(Combustion)

The Goddess has/had a great post about The Armpit Wars. A portion:

The reactions to the armpit hair revolution were swift and of […]

Who Wants to Go?

From the Tsars to the Stars: A Journey Through Russian Fantastik Cinema

Architectural Flashing

…and I don’t mean waterproofing.

I’m a big fan of Norman Foster’s buildings, including the Hearst Tower at left, but it seems it has a few glitches — such as the glass escalators, which allow visitors a view up the skirts of riders. As if women didn’t have their hands full contending with the […]

Fuko, we used to call him

Architecture + Morality has a good post from a bit back titled: The Panopticon of Celebrity: The Image of the City in the Age of Luxury Condominium Towers. Very impressive title, as it references both Bentham/Foucault and Kevin Lynch, all of whom I don’t fully understand; well played.

One criticism though (and I only point […]

We deserve a WET

Excellent post over at Ally Work about the lack of explicitly white-oriented institution relative to black-oriented ones, and how to explain it to questioning white folks. The most educational part for me was this:

I often make a joke about an insider stereotype that many blacks have of whites–white people’s hair smells like a dog […]

Debaters in Fiction

I got sucked into YouTube today, and wanted to share two clips.

First, a clip from the best movie I haven’t seen, Rocket Science:

[coolplayer width=”480″ height=”380″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”0″ mediatype=””] Rocket Science Clip [/coolplayer]

Also, the wonderful short, Debate: The Movie:

[coolplayer width=”480″ height=”380″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”0″ mediatype=””] Awesomeness. [/coolplayer]



Urine Your Way

Seeing this article (via Feministing) on a new female urinal propelled me to do some research (I googled “female urinal”), and discover that there are a ridiculous number of systems available for the standing inclined.

Unfortunately most are creepy and little better than jugs or bedpans. It reminds me once again of sorry state of […]