Union ’08

Unions have been beaten on so much, that, confronted with a field of Democrats that’s not overtly bashing them, they’re overjoyed. They should have higher standards. Union members vote Democratic in huge numbers and wrote the book on political ground-game. Without them we’d have Red America. That gives them right and ability to endorse any candidate without fear of retribution. That they’re unwilling to is pathetic.

Now, it’s possible that all this fuss is just about the different rhetorical emphasis of Edwards vs. Clinton vs. Obama. They may truly be indistinguishable from a labor policy standpoint, having promised Sweeney, Stern, and the gang that they’d sign a card Check law and appoint NLRB members in the mold of Howard Zinn. But I doubt it.

I can understand it’s hard to justify spending millions in member’s hard-earned money on small differences. And any money the union political committees save in the primaries can be used to ensure a Democrat gets elected in the general. But endorsements are free. They have no downside.

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