Band Names

While thinking about band names, I happened upon this directory, which explains the source of various band names. Some excerpts:

Steely Dan:

taken from William Burrough’s book Naked Lunch. In it Steely Dan is the nickname given to a giant steam-powered dildo (see cover photo on their first album)

Cheap Trick

they say the band members asked a Ouija Board what they should call themselves.


in the study of dreams, the abbreviation refers to rapid eye movement or that time during sleep when an observable movement of the eyeball occurs indicating that the person is in a dream state. Band member Michael Stipe has said that this is not why the band picked the name.

This last one is my favorite, since you have the band’s frontman denying the explanation offered by the site, which they dutifully print, though they leave the erroneous explanation in place. Makes me question the site’s accuracy…but they couldn’t have made up the Steely Dan explanation. It’s too odd.

UPDATE: This link, goes to a list of worst band names, which is humorous, but not the site I intended to reference. The original link above has been fixed.

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  • Some things have names exaggerated. Buildings and cars for example. Politicians are always honored in the names of buildings and things urban.

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