Forcing the Pen

I’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and there’s a lot of things I don’t know. For instance, I didn’t know you were supposed to blog from and efficiency apartment in a bathrobe with a modem while being named Vinny. I feel like a jerk for missing the memo. I also didn’t know that people have been generating inane content for years utilizing meme-generators.

Just my opinion, but it seems that if you don’t have anything to say…you shouldn’t say anything. I know that there’s a small group of people getting paid to write this stuff, so obviously their need to generate content precedes their thoughts on any subject. But for the rest of us…no. Everyone listing the 5 bands they “would travel more than a hundred miles to see” seems like content for content’s sake, and rather pointless.

Plus, if you’re going to ask that question, why not ask: “What band would you walk 500 miles to see?” and take advantage of the opportunity to reference the Proclaimers, whom I would walk 1000 miles to see?

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