When Wingnuts Invade

This post of Ezra Klein’s at Tapped, about conflict at a panel on the military and progressives at YearlyKos, really drew the chronically offended right-wingers out of the woodwork, spurred on by our friends at LGF. I wonder if this will have the staying power of “protesters spitted on returning troops and chanted ‘babykillers'” as part of the Democrats Hate Troops narrative, of which all the examples are either faked or falsely generalized.

Not that this will matter to the various Republican sites who make it a practice to give the truth a wide birth, but: ‘Democrats’ and ‘Troops’ are not distinct entities, and this incident featured military panelists and a military questioner. The instant vitriol shows that the moderator’s anger at the questioner was justified (though expressing it was a poor way of handling the situation). The only reason this incident has gained attention is because the questioner was military. Had the moderator inappropriately stomped on a civilian, this would not be noteworthy. Therefore, exactly what the moderator was angry at has come to pass: the questioner used his military status to elevate his political opinions.

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