Cox and Combes’ Washington

This video is full of thesis possibilities:

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Cox + Combes’ Washington Youtube Video

Maybe I’m just projecting my own politics, but beneath the absurd comedy, I see a clever critique of the nationalist myths surrounding the founding fathers (Even better would be a Bush video…), as well as a commentary on machismo. I guess the contemporary beginning of this genre is the Chuck Norris jokes that began circulating a couple years ago, but this packs a more sustained funny.

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  • I thinks flash is ilteanlsd in most all modern computers- but I’m going to have a look at the coolplayer.File sizes for our vids are running about 15-20 meg for 5-7 min. We use slow frame rates, low quality audio. We tried making them 160 pix wide and better quality, but folks liked their window bigger, even if the quality suffered.

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