St. Vincent

Marry Me has been getting a lot of play in my apartment, so I’m happy to see St. Vincent get a good review from the LAist. I like most any old-sad-bastard music, but these tunes are something special.

My wife took me to see St. Vincent play last summer at the Hotel Cafe, and we were both impressed with Annie Clark then, and I think she’s developed her sound a lot in the time since. Which is to say, she’s awesome, buy her CD. I point this out not to establish my early-adopter status, but rather to segue into a link to the Hotel Cafe’s FAQ, which is hilarious. An excerpt:

Q: I’m not on the list, but I am *insert industry related job title here*, can I get in for free?
A: No.

Q: What if I give you my card?
A: No.

Q: It’s a nice card…
A: Yes it is.

Q: It’s got rounded edges …
A: Yes, I see… Very impressive…

Q: So, how about it then?
A: No.

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