SciFi Frustration

I’m watching Sunshine making use of this website (I feel the poor video quality makes the pirating ok), and needed to break to vent about how every science fiction movie must have the spaceship break down at some point. Apparently, it’s impossible for people to build a ship that works correctly, or that avoids being hit with debris, despite the infinitesimal odds. Mostly, it’s an easy way to create suspense and an excuse for more special effects sequences. As if those are difficult to work into a scifi movie.

Partially this is my fault, as I’ll watch anything with spaceships. I even watched this Freddie Prinze disaster, even though I knew it was based on a computer game that featured video sequences of Mark Hamil (Yes, Luke Skywalker in a space game…it’s sad) to try and compensate for the bad game play. That’s how hard up I am for space flicks. If only they hadn’t canceled Firefly

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