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Visiting Jesus Politics (it is Sunday), I ran across a link to The Curse of Ham: Why Barack Hussein Obama Will Never Be President, brought to us by Baptists for Brownback. The post relies on racist theology to explain why Obama can’t be president, and the commenters take the ball and run with it to some remarkable places:

Warrior Jodie Says:
July 19th, 2007 at 9:22 am
You got no worrrys from me I would vote for ANY colored EVER. Talk about giving away the world in a henbasket they wouldnt be a single on of them working if he was president they would all be home cashing checks while WE WORKED. Thnk GOD for Sam brownback going to be our next Preisdent he wont stand for none of this crap.

Dottie415 Says:
July 19th, 2007 at 10:22 pm
If the Lord wanted to save dark folks, He wouldn’t have sent Jesus down with blond hair.
I’m just saying . . .

And these are the mild comments, since I don’t want the really bad ones to appear on my blog. The post gets so over the top that Andrew Sullivan asks: Is this for real? Which shows the sites brilliance. It lives on the thin line that separates crazy from satire. You can’t tell whether it’s real or not, because none of us would put this thing past the wingnuts out there.

But information wants to be free, and this site has a particularly clever way of dishing it out. If you use “parody” in your comment it’s changed to “psrodt” when it posts.

That’s it; the only time the site breaks character. But it’s enough, since there’s no reason to put that comment filter in unless you want to tip off the curious. The True Believers wouldn’t think to ask. I’m impressed by this little piece of culture jam.

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  • Brother Yancy

    Thank you for visiting our Godly site. It may interest you to know we have recently added features, like our Ten Godliest Republicans list, sort of like the FBI Most Wanted – it will change over time. We are also having lively discussions about EMO bands causing homosexual behavior and the phenomenon of Christian Tattoos.

    Yours, in Christ
    Brother Yancy

  • Brother, I haven’t been this excited about a website since Harriet Miers was blogging.

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