Selective Service Models

The Selective Service has a name straight out of 1984, seeing as they’re not selective at all. Well, they do exclude the women, which in the minds of some dinosaurs might me ‘selective,’ since we all know men are Teh Best. However, that’s not why I brought you all here today. This image is the reason:


Wow! Look how fun putting my name on the draft roles will be! All the cool guys are doing it, even that rebellious guitar player! Oh, except for the guy on the right. He looks sad. What’s wrong Bro? What? You didn’t register and Uncle Sam took away your financial aid? Shit, that does suck.

Anyway, I think this is a weird and half-hearted attempt to make the Selective Service look fun. Especially since Nazi-era eagle is still in the corner giving you the evil eye.

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