That Highway is Flattening on You

I’m reading The NAFTA Superhighway article that Yglesias linked to. Having had the pleasure of listening to conservatives rant about the NAU in person (a friend dragged me to a Minuteman rally he was documenting the craziness of), I’m glad to see a quality take-down. But here’s the part that made me laugh out loud:

If there was a NAFTA highway, you could bet that Tom Friedman would be for it–what could be more flattening than miles of concrete paved across the continent?

When in doubt, make fun of Tom Friedman. He’s comedy gold.

UPDATE: Here, Matt Zeitlin, hoping to draw more trolls to his site, argues for the Trans-Texas Corridor — or at least for its legitimacy as part of a democratically chosen transportation policy. Silly Man…

4 comments to That Highway is Flattening on You

  • Cmon Quixote, wrong Matt that linked to that article, I linked to it last night, don’t you think that Famous Matt gets enough linkin love? 😉

  • Yah…I missed that. That’s how I repay those who add me to their blogroll. You have been warned.

    But, other Matt has way to much love. From now on, whenever I’m thinking about linking to the other Matt, I think I’ll link to a random post of yours instead. It’ll really confuse people…I’ll think of it as some new form of absurdist blog art.

  • For some reason having a structural engineer talk about absurdist art worries me, bringing up memories of Peter Eisenman and his ill fated Wexner center. I hate to see a new fangled structural engineer building unsound crap like that because he liked wacko postmodern theories about building things 😉

  • My latest pomo building strategy: magnetized floors with polarities aligned so that they repel each other. No walls, no columns, just glass. Take that Mies!

    I should talk about Eisenman since some of his work was about reworking Corbusier’s ideas and he literally came right after him…one day.

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