Seals Now!

I’ve given myself an allowance of one indulgent, self-involved post a day out of the hope that that means it will always be easy to scroll past my narcissism. However, the post doesn’t count against my total if there’s something redeeming in it.

Thus, the coolness that is Elephant Seals:

Picture provided by AmazingK. Thanks!

There’s a beach North of Cambria in the central coast of California where these ridiculous creatures congregate to…well mostly to lay on the sand and do nothing, but also to mate. Living nearby, I’ve been there many times in the last few years.

I’m effectively moving away on Thursday, and I’m getting preemptively nostalgic for my time in the strange hick/hippie county that is San Luis Obispo. It’s a neat place. You should visit. But not to eat the seals.

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