Turning Arnold Blue

I haven’t been paying enough attention to this, but the California budget continues to be deadlocked one vote shy of the 2/3’s required to pass.  The problem is the Republicans, naturally, who are borrowing plays from their US Senate brethren and trying to dictate policy despite the fact that the public has chosen to keep them out of power.

Now, however, Arnold has started visiting the districts of obstructionist Republicans to pressure them to pass the budget.  I have no idea whether this will work, as the curse of California’s districting is that the few Republicans that do get elected come from very conservative districts and are consequently, completely nutty.

However, this does further alienate Arnold from his party, making it increasingly hard to imagine him winning the Republican senate primary in 2010.  And since he’s the old star the GOP has in California, Boxer looks safer every day.  That’s the best I can do to come up with a bright side to the budget catastrophe…

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