3am Roundup

I went hiking today and neglected the internets. Disengaging actually feels pretty good, which is worrisome. I wouldn’t want to develop bad meatspace habits that interfere with my blogging. My readers (-der?) would cry.

Anyway, assorted thoughts:

  • Predictably, I join with my similarly draft-age comrades, Matt Zeitlin and Mike Meginnis in opposing the return of the draft that David Sirota endorses. Their take-downs are better than what I could write, but let me add: It’s extremely paternalistic to assume that more people would oppose the war if liberals made the policy choice more real for them. And let me suggest that this is exactly the kind of advocacy that gives liberals a bad name; feeding the sense that we know better. You create a shared military burden by providing real economic opportunities for poor folk so that they don’t have to rent out their bodies. Not by forcing rich people into a similarly shitty situation and hoping that maybe convinces them to be nice someday.
  • MyDD has a post arguing that Florida is leaning Democrat at this point in the 2008 election. This is unfotunate, since it means Democratic candidates will feel the need to visit the state and pander to the Cuban expat community again. I’m tired of that group, the children of an exploitive aristocracy, determining our Cuba policy.
  • Archidose presents the limit case of blog advertising. I’ve avoided advertising entirely at After Corbu, but I’ll admit that’s mostly because I can’t imagine it would be very lucrative. Plus I blog from a position of class privilege, which makes it easy to stay “pure.” I don’t begrudge the starving artist bloggers out there…but there is a reasonable limit to one’s crash commercialism.
  • I saw someone quoting Priest Hardon and thought they were snarky, but apparently not. There is such a theologian. Now I feel like an irreverent asshole.
  • The video at the GOOD Magazine Blog of a Tokyo wave pool packed with people is mesmerizing. Also alarming: how does no one drown?
  • Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody is riding the Huck train. Right next to Ezra Klein! As much as I’d like to see it, I think the Republican’s will nominate a class warrior about the time the Democrats go for a Donald Trump. Though if the DLC has there way…
  • Zoos are already creepy, and tigers being forced to nurse piglets is completely messed up.

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