Women in the Kitchen and the House*

The post, “Children and Careers”, over at Echidne of the Snakes takes issue with this old Washington Post article that I also found problematic. Here’s the conclusion:

I know that articles like the one I linked to must address the world as it is and not the way some feminazi goddess might like it to be. I also know that many of the readers are struggling with the same issues and want to read about the costs and benefits to these women. But the issue is always framed as having to do with mothers alone. Not the society, not the fathers, not the way we structure work. Just mothers are to bear the total burden on their shoulders. Even if it means that there will be no women of child-bearing age in Congress.

Exactly.  The topic is legitimate, but it’s framed to reinforce the underlying patriarchy, not challenge it.  As far as women and their little, so called  “careers” go, my wife says the solution is for all women to have them.  Then no man would have a housewife at home to make his lunch and watch his kids.  That and men need to reclaim domesticity (or be forced to reclaim domesticity), because as long as women have to do everything, they’re screwed.

*Yeah, the title doesn’t quite work, but I just know there’s a pun in there somewhere.  Still working on it…

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