In the Saddle Again

So I am home again, and relaunching Radio Corbu. I planned on posting a but more while traveling, but my host’s computer had this annoying tick where every few minuted the cd drive would open and close and open part way then start to close only to open fully and then close. I have no idea what would even cause that. The constant whir of the little motors drove me insane, thus no blogging.

This of course means that I have many saved up stories/commentaries I’m dying to share, and since my wife remains traveling for a couple more weeks: watchout. We may enter 20 post per day (ppd) territory and begin setting records.

First, a highway story: On the drive home from the airport, a car on my right decided to merge into me. My immediate reaction was to change into the left lane, which avoided that collision. However, said lane was already occupied. Thankfully, left-lane-driver swerved out of my way, but overdid it and spun his car out. No one hit him, but…scary. We were all going 70 so this happened really fast and then the other cars were gone. Then I felt like an asshole for not stopping, as it was my fault — I should have braked rather than changing lanes — but also was unsure what that would accomplish.

I wanted to use this as a segue into talking about transportation policy. Mention how, though I may be a bad driver, our embrace of cars costs lives and is ridiculously destructive to the environment. Call out GM for taking away the LA streetcar system that I could have used to get home. Mention how Robert Moses and other highway builders used their projects to discourage/disallow bus use.

But I’m too tired to make the coherent argument. Another time. Instead I’m going to research Segues Segways.

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