The Airplane Critic

My in flight movie this past weekend was Fracture, which sucked.  But I don’t want to talk about that.  I’m still repressing it.

Before the movie, the Ebert & Roeper review of the film was aired…and they panned it.  Well Roeper did anyway.  John Mellancamp, the guest host, thought it was good, but he doesn’t exactly have credibility with me since he presumably also thinks his music is quality.

Anyway, the review was sort of like having your vacation plans crapped on after you’ve bought the tickets.  I mean, are you just trying to make me feel bad?  Which makes me wonder: why would an airline show reviews of a movie it’s already decided to show?  Why would they choose to show negative reviews of movies they’re showing?  I guess it let me know I should read instead, but the flashing lights!  The lure of plot!  How could I say no to a new movie?

In more absurd critic news, Ebert, while recovering from cancer surgery is negotiating a new contract with Disney.  Annoyed at their lowball offer, he withdrew their right to use the Thumb Up/Down schtick, which he apparently owns the rights to.  Apparently he bought the rights from the last Roman emperor, and, in unrelated news, remains sad that the power of the “thumbs down” has declined in recent years.

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