Urine Your Way

Seeing this article (via Feministing) on a new female urinal propelled me to do some research (I googled “female urinal”), and discover that there are a ridiculous number of systems available for the standing inclined.

Unfortunately most are creepy and little better than jugs or bedpans.  It reminds me once again of sorry state of female-oriented design, though in this case it’s not that the product isn’t woman-friendly — it’s pretty un-fun for a girl or a boy.

A+ The Feminal Female Urinal! This one at right is my favorite though, The A+ Feminal Female Urinal.  First, one can’t help but groan at “Feminal,” so kudos for that.  Then there’s the accompaning text:

It allows a woman to urinate in any position: reclined, seated or standing. Replaces bedpans for those with limited mobility.

Now I realize by “reclined peeing” they mean people who are bedridden, but my immediate notion is of women setting up cots in their bathroom so they can finally pee while horizontal.  Now they can live the dream…

Thank you A+.  Thank you.

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