Moving To Penn

In light of the recent Pennsylvania boosterism of Tyler Cowen and Pax Americana, I wanted to promote/inquire into Braddock, Pennsylvania (link to artsy town website), which was given a glowing review in the current issue of ReadyMade (which sadly is not online). Instead, quoting the Pittsburg Post-Gazette:

How many places could be like this: post-apocalyptic and happening at the same time?

All over town, vacant buildings are gaping open at the windows, at the roofs. Whole walls have fallen, revealing all the stuff of a household, strewn as if a tornado or hurricane chased it around before depositing it in huge piles and wrong places. Approximately one in four buildings in Braddock is vacant.

But the town’s attempting a valiant renaissance with cheap property prices, artist friendly policies, and a MySpace page. I would talk more about the specifics, but my memory is for crap, and, as stated previously, the article is inexplicably not online.

So I added Braddock to my list of potential commune locations, and was wondering if anyone had been there, had feelings about the place? Their website does a good job of selling me on the move…

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  • Kristen

    Well I think you know my opinion cuz I added it to the list. It makes me wonder, also, how many other towns in the US are in the same position and have this potential, and are only waiting for a giant bald dude with the town’s zip code tattooed on his arm to make a comeback. Maybe we could be that giant bald dude!

  • I’ll be the one that goes bald if you get the zip code tattoo!

    The whole enterprise depends on the idea that if a house only costs $10,000, one really doesn’t need a job. Or at least not a very well-paying one. Possibly true.

    I’m definitely starting to think that an abandoned industrial town near some bigger city is our best bet. These need to be investigated further…

  • na deite kai to Tsekouri tou Gavra. kai n’ akousete to La Valse du Couperet tou Armand Amar.(pws kai den poasartte photo apo ta extra tou dvd; elpizw na mhn exei meinei kapoios distagmos apo thn epoxh tou fire dance with me :-D)

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