So apparently there’s a lot of buzz around Female Urinals — who knew? Even more apparently, my very own little blog has the 4th best post on said topic in the whole internets. I don’t know whether to be pleased or horrified. But my emotions won’t get in the way of self-promotion. As we speak, my crack team of web designers are working to incorporate this into a slogan such as “Your (4th) Best Source for Feminals!”

Thanks to this Buzzfeed thing, my urinal post has now been viewed about 10x more than anything else I’ve ever written, which is strange. I would hardly call it my best post, and it’s not really about a topic you want to be well known for… I’m sure everyone has had this experience when a bigger traffic source links to them, but it’s my first, so I get to act like the hick I am and gawk at stats.

UPDATE: Or what about: “Helping Women Pee Since 2003!” Too patronizing?

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