Ultimate Yonic

I’d like to take a break from my phallic series to bring you the cutting edge of skyscraper design: Vaginas.

CCTV Tower

This is the CCTV Tower by OMA and is currently under construction in Beijing. This is one of my favorite new projects, not because of its anatomical references, but because the density of the diagonal steel lattice was determined by the stresses experienced by the various regions of the structure. So the pattern of the building directly expressed what’s going on structurally. Plus it’s shaped like a mobius strip, and that’s just cool.


Then we have the Opus by Zaha Hadid, to be built in — wait for it — Dubai. I hope it’s sited so you can see the Borj Dubai threw the void, though I’m not sure humanity could survive symbolism on that scale. Anyway, this building’s less cool from an expressing structural engineering standpoint, but making it work will certainly be challenging. And I’m very much a fan of the free-form void; very sculptural.

(Update: Sorry for messing up Hadid’s name, though I do wish she were named Zaza.)

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