I find this discussion of art and labor at Grammar.police interesting, but have nothing substantive to add.  However, the Sturtevant Mona Lisa reminded me of the much superior Frank Zappa concert poster hanging on my wall, and I wanted to share:

Zappa Mona

I’m convinced it’s actually Frank Zappa dressed and positioned in a painstaking recreation of the original painting, though everyone tells me I’m crazy.

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  • That’s awesome!

    If you don’t already visit me on Fridays, I always post an FZ selection; it’s an ongoing tradition called Friday Frank. Usually I find a music clip, but every so often I come across a TV interview or film short on YouTube, and up it goes.

    How I miss that guy. I’m always wondering what he’d make of–and have to say about–politics 2007-style.

  • I haven’t seen that yet (only recently exposed to your blog through your guest posting), but I’ll look for it.

    When I met my wife, her email address was dangerouskitchen (at something or other) and I’ve slowly gotten more Zappa-exposure since. Very sad that he’s gone.

  • The art that I like most is the architecture. The design of the buildings fascinates me.

  • Just fell upon your blog. No, FZ did not model for the poster. I did that poster in 1970 while working for the Boston Tea Party in the light show and as a body painter. It’s actually a reference to Marcel Duchamp’s 1919 “L.H.O.O.Q.” which no one got, including Mr. Zappa, although I got to speak with him about it. It was meant as a compliment: Frank Zappa as important to 20th century music as Marcel Duchamp was to 20th century art.

    The poster is a bit crude, I just drew with a technical pen on an enlarged print copied from my art history book. The type was done with rub-on type. I was a teenager and was winging it. At the time I was spending my weekends at the Fogg Museum art library at Harvard, studying art history to prepare a portfolio to go to art school. Marcel Duchamp was my primary interest at the time. I still have the original drawing in storage but most of the original posters were destroyed when my studio flooded. I signed the poster “Robin” on the middle finger of Frank/Mona’s right hand. I was paid $50.

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