Chomsky on Gehry

I know this is really old, but it just kills me:

Chomsky, on the other hand, spent decades in the beloved Building 20, MIT’s ”Magical Incubator.” He would go back in a minute. In Chomsky’s eighth-floor office, the walls slant in. ”If you look in the corner, you get vertigo,” he says.

”The first time he came in, he almost passed out,” says his assistant, Bev Stohl, who has loaded the office with plants to minimize the effect.

Chomsky finds the space not very usable. ”It is hard to get a blackboard up,” he says. Responds Brooks, the CSAIL director: ”He hates the US government, too. He hates this country. Have you ever read anything he has written?”

It’s just hard for me to imagine Gehry’s buildings put into the All-American, no criticism allowed pantheon beside apple pie, boy scouts, guns, and NASCAR. I mean, here’s the building in question:

Stata Center

Will it next be unpatriotic to dislike David Lynch movies?

(For the record, I think this building is awesome in facade and concept; Tell Brooks he doesn’t need to send his design gestapo after me. Also, City of Sound has a nice visual review/tour of the Stata Center from 2004.)

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