Drowning the Patriarchy…or something

Before this site was founded with the goal of becoming the web’s #1 source for phallic building news, Litbrit was on the case.  From back in July, she brings us mocking of the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, which breaks with the angular phallacy of the past to explore a more organic kind male structural forms.  The project would be earth shattering…if it wasn’t in the ocean.

This hotel is to be built in Dubai, alongside dozens of other major projects (Dark Roasted Blend has a good visual overview here and here).  I find the scale of the whole thing shocking, especially as shown in this picture, where the entire city skyline is a mass of cranes (Apparently, Dubai is using 1/4 of the world’s construction cranes).  How is this amount of development sustainable?  Are there really that many rich people in the world?  It strikes me that this must be the limit case of capitalism because it strains credulity that there could exist a more over the top demonstration of waste/greed/opulence/machismo.

Part of me wants the eschatological predictions of the Peak Oil crowd to be correct so that Dubai may become a vertical ghost town; a cautionary tale about evils of the religion of uninhibited growth.  It would feel like justice, or at least the stuff of William Gibson novels.

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