Saturday Frank

Not to steal Litbrit’s bit (I promise this is a one-off), but I wanted to post this Zappa video:

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Frank Zappa – Dangerous Kitchen

A good description of many of my college-era kitchens (I’m happy to say I’ve grown a lot as a roommate since then.) and the first Frank Zappa I was ever exposed to.  What a weird, brilliant man.

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  • Ah, this can hardly be called stealing, but steal away! There isn’t enough Frank appreciation in the world. And yeah, he was weird and wonderful and brilliant beyond measure. As with so many geniuses. If you ever get chance to read his autobiography (The Frank Zappa Book, I think it’s called), you’ll love the chapter Drool Britannia, which includes a partial transcript of FZ’s lawsuit against the Crown. It’s a hoot.

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