More Urinal Pandering

Madonna Inn Urinal

The people want urinals, and I’m a populist, so I’m going to give them what they want. The best (by which I mean creepiest) urinal I’ve ever had the pleasure of using is at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The weirdest part of peeing into the waterfall shown above is that it just feels wrong. Like you’re committing a taboo; polluting nature. I kept waiting to get kicked out of the hotel.

It’s wonders are well documented here, at I was going to make some snarky comments about the existence of a website dedicated to documenting urinals, but then I spent an hour looking at the amazing specimens there. For many, I’m not sure if the designs are inspired or train wrecks. It really could go either way.

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  • Waldflute

    I’ve seen a vidoe of a bunch of ladies faking to pee at the selfsame urinal. Try Utube or Webshots.

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