Uncool Graffito

I’m not the biggest Elliott Smith fan, but this is assholic.  All the graffiti artists I know (and by all I mean both) take pains to avoid hitting anything that’s at all valuable — and there’s so many ugly urban surfaces available, it’s hardly very restricting.  But it’s this kind of tomfoolery that gives street artists a bad name and forces me to have annoying conversations with more conservative family members that begin “Really, not all graffiti is bad…”

Anyway, better urban decorations from spray paint virtuosos can be found at the Wooster Collective.

1 comment to Uncool Graffito

  • Kristen

    The same asshole hit up an old mural on alvarado near sunset – probably 60 feet worth of mural summarily destroyed. Ugh.

    I really wanted to take a picture of the elliot smith wall before I left, too :(

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