All Syndicalist and No Anarcho-

These beliefs are probably why I don’t have very many anarchist friends. Collaborating with liberals to bring about an incrementalist “revolution” is hardly an orthodox approach among the libertarian socialist set. Voting and holding down a bourgeois job in a skyscraper is just plain heretical. I’ve mostly made peace with my “radical liberalism,” but I dread the day I run into any old long-haired, deodorant-scorning, tree-sitting, dumpster-diving, monogamy-hating, neo-Luddite, abhors-electoral-politics, refused-to-collaborate-with-Capitalism -or-the-State acquaintances. I will either wilt under or explode at the self-righteous glares.

At this very moment, guilt slightly outweighs irritation as I’m blogging from within the confines of an exurban gated community. The air here is so thick with the safety, you could cut it with a knife. If they let you have a knife. They’re dangerous, ya know?

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