Baker vs. Barstow

All I ask of a movie is that it have a plot. That’s it. If something — anything — is happening, I’ll get sucked in and need to watch to the end. (Most recent example: The Core. Shudder.)

My younger brother has been working as a grip on movies (I’m not sure what this means), and most recently finished up on Leaving Barstow. Looking to learn more about the movie, possibly bond, I research it on IMDB. What do I find?

This plot synopsis is empty.

It’s unclear whether our relationship will survive this slight. Even worse, it turns out that Barstow is not, as I believed, the location of the world’s tallest thermometer. That honor belongs to Baker, which we actually visited on some long ago family road trip. Which needs to be part of someone’s photo-documentary thesis project:

Architectural Vernacular in the I-40 Corridor: The Visual Culture of Monuments to Gigantism

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