Certain Blogs…Vex me

So the LAist drives me a bit crazy. It’ll have enjoyable articles about LA (such as the ones about downtown drive-in, parkour, 5 dollar guy, or area neighborhoods), but the gems appear admidst a dozen other lesser articles, making it difficult to separate the good from the bad.  Then it’ll have 40-picture long photo essays about bands that take my computer minutes to load and posts that are excuses to show naked pictures of porn stars (way NSFW). In complaining about the former, mostly photos just seem ill-suited to portray a sonic medium. For the latter, I realize many of the women shown are “alternative” porn stars that an “alternative” guy like me who reads blogs is supposed to find appealing, but shove it.

I don’t like suddenly having naked women appear out of the blue in my feed mailbox. The pictures shown weren’t even about documenting the PAW charity event that the naked women were at; they were posed softcore porn. I realize adult entertainment industry happening are a part of Los Angeles that needs to be reported on, and I support PAW’s goals and hope their charity bowling was very lucrative. But none of this means the LAist needed to put up the pictures it did; it’s just a pander to my demographic.

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