Radicalization Under the Scalpel

The lesson of the testimony of A Conservative Convert to Socialized Medicine seems to be that to win the health care debate we need to infect conservatives with life-threatening diseases and send them to France.  I’m developing a 7-point plan to make this a reality; will report back.

3 comments to Radicalization Under the Scalpel

  • That’s an amazing but not unusual story. A friend who is a professional musician was on tour in Europe and Scandinavia. He had been nursing a nasty cough and when he was in Sweden, it had reached the point where he was gasping for air. His manager took him to the ER, and he was admitted immediately, since he had severe pneumonia in both lungs. Waiting another day would likely have cost him his life. He spent a week in an O2 tent with IV antibiotics. When he was discharged, he asked for a bill–the hospital rep said, “No bill. Be well.” He was dumbfounded–I’m not Swedish! I don’t live in your country…. “You were here though, and you needed care. We take care of sick people. Go and be well.”

    Needless to say, he’s another conservative-turned-Universal healthcare supporter.

  • p.s. I look forward to hearing about your 7-point plan–keep me posted!

  • Oh Sweden…from your furniture to your health care, so much to love. Such a pithy response to the bill question too. I wonder if they’ve fine-tuned it from having to regularly deal with bewildered Americans.

    7-point plan is on the way. The part with the pigeons is giving me trouble.

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