The East Will Rise Again

Today, Pax Americana displayed its IGNORANCE of the Imminent Resurrection of the USSR.  Obviously, The Pax has not been following the Ground-Breaking News out of Once Upon a Time in The West, which provides UnImpeachable Evidence that the collapse of the SOVIET UNION was a Strategic Deception designed to lure the US into a False Sense of Security and so prepare for the Global Domination of a strengthened COMMUNIST PARTY!!!

2 comments to The East Will Rise Again

  • Dear god, that site is powerfully stupid. I also find it harder and harder to tell the difference between parodies and the real thing these days. Ah well, back to plotting–I mean work. I meant to say work. Dasvedanya, comrade.

  • If by powerfully stupid you mean on to our secret plans, then yes, you’re right. At a certain level of realism, I start wondering if it even matters whether the site is serious or not. The stupid is being propagated either way.

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