The Societe Anonyme

I inadvertently wandered into this show twice, first at the Hammer and then the DMA, which I think of course makes me an expert on Dada art. I enjoyed many of the pieces, though they range from brilliant to 2nd grade macaroni art, and I love the Societe as an artist’s art museum; a wonderful arts-supporting piece of infrastructure that there needs be more of. However, I have some issues with this Pink Floyd album cover moonlighting as Important Art:
Birliuk - The Eye of God

Ahhhhh! This is The Eye of God by David Burliuk, who apparently counts Roger Waters among his dieties. (okay so the piece is from the 1920s, predating the band. Give me a break.) I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but good god man! So garish!

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