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Pinochet was bad. Really, really bad. To recap:

  • Minimum number of executions: 3,000
  • Number of people imprisoned for their political beliefs: 27,000
  • Number of elected governments overthrown: 1
  • Years without democratic elections: 17

Given that, surely no one would try to defend the regime…but wait here’s John O’Sullivan making an ass of himself in the Chicago Sun-Times back in 2000. I know I’m borrowing trouble from way back, but this article is ridiculous. O’Sullivan’s main points?

  • The left are evil hypocrites who will send Elian back to Cuba when they would never have sent a child to Pinochet’s Chile. Huh? Are you really criticizing the left for being Castro-apologists in a Pinochet-apologist article?
  • 3,000 murders isn’t really that many. Besides the Black Book told me that evil leftists in other countries killed more. What? Two murders make a right? Besides, much of the Black Book of Communism was based on the Nobel Prize winning work of Economist Amartya Sen who compared deaths during the China’s Great Leap Forward to deaths in India do to lack of health care (as both represent structural problems of the countries economic model. Short story: communism was less deadly.
  • If Pinochet hadn’t had a coup those evil commies would have. Even though said commies had already been elected to power?

I can’t believe that even simple statement like “evil dictators are bad” provoke argument. Right-winger hatred for the communist strawman surpasses all logic.

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