LA Times does a profile of Freegans living in…New York! Similar to the NY Times longer, better article from back in June. Now I’m a fierce defender of LA against the New York evangelists, but the LA paper makes it hard when they get scooped by 3 months. Plus, I know LA has it’s own dumpster-diving culture. A little local documentation, please?

Newspaper complaints aside, dropping out of the economy has a strong appeal. Combine urban hunting-gathering with squatting abandoned buildings and you have the perfect, non-parasitic lifestyle. There’s a scale at which Freeganism would cease to work, but at present it just increased the efficiency of our resource consumption. has some great information, but in my head I’m envisioning a more comprehensive free-living destination site. I need a map of Los Angeles overlaid with wireless hotspots, prime dumpsters, Food not Bombs distribution spots, the routes of bus drivers cool with fareless passengers, abandoned buildings, accessible dormitories and other shower sources, etc. Who has some venture capital?

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