It’s a beautiful day for a coup

I looked down at the calendar to check the date and, lo and behold, it’s September 11th, the 34th anniversary of the US-backed coup that toppled President Salvador Allende and brought Pinochet to power in Chile. That act of terrorism resulted in thousands of deaths and made political prisoners of thousands more.

Of course, 6 years ago a more famous act of terrorism had worse results: tens of thousands dead in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq and hundreds of political prisoners at Guantanamo. The toll of the attack didn’t have to be this severe, but we let it get out of control — we let a horrible tragedy become a coup.

6 years ago we had a moderate, incompetent president who couldn’t move conservative legislation and compromised with liberal institutions like Ted Kennedy to pass education ‘reform.’ Then: the September 11th attacks, and everything changed. Ever since, our country has been ruled by an extremist, incompetent president who steamrolls bills past weak, assenting legislators.

Maybe this will change now that Democrats are starting to put the “fuck you” back in “opposition party” with their wonderful investigations. Maybe they’re ready to end the coup. But first they have to realize that this man is just as much a hack as this man turned out to be, and call him on it. Military uniforms are not inoculations against becoming Bush cronies; this war remains past its sell-by date, no matter who is trotted out to ask for another six months.

Bring the troops home now.

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  • Democrats are starting to put the “fuck you” back in “opposition party”
    God, I hope you’re right.
    Military uniforms are not inoculations against becoming Bush cronies
    Sadly, the military have always seemed reluctant to speak out against Bush and his disastrous policies, even as those very policies keep them from their families and get them killed.

    Bring the troops home is right. Enough already.

  • It’s certainly been more than long enough. I’d feel infinitely better if the Democrats were taking your advice.

  • Quixote, did you read the comment thread that ensued? I had written another pro-impeachment post not long before that, too–same attacks.

    Amazing. I was called all sorts of names for those posts, when all I was saying was, Follow the Constitution.. I’m not even an American citizen (yet), yet it seems so simple, so central to the whole set-up. The Constitution: it’s all right there. Weaken that vital support beam, if you will, and everything else starts collapsing.

    Paraphrasing what Dr. King said, it’s time to stop worrying about what’s easy, what’s expedient, and what’s politically convenient–it’s time to do what is right.

    Not holding my breath, though.

  • I read just enough of the comments to realize I should stop reading the comments as I was just going to get irritated. I think that post as well as the 9/11 questions one both expose the cleavage between the Serious Democrats and the dirty hippies, and so of course all the contempt rises to the top. I love Ezra’s blog, but I would appreciate it if he put on his tinfoil hat more often and scared off some “moderates.”

    Also: no citizenship? So you’re basically a foreign agitator, infiltrating our fine country to spread your British communism. For shame. And you don’t even blog with a British accent.

    — Do you ever worry your political blogging will impact your citizenship process (as I infer from the “yet,” that you’re engaged in)?

  • I’m a green-card-holding holdout, here in the Colonies since 1974 (I bet you weren’t even born yet!) My entire family became citizens long ago, and all are registered Republicans. Only my brother still votes that way, though.

    (Communist agitator?! That’s sweet!)

    Robert (my husband) is a registered Republican; the last one of those who got his support was Reagan, if I remember correctly.

    As to your question, the papers are in the works (almost complete, too); the interviews and test are upcoming but not yet scheduled. I hope to have everything in order so I can vote in the general election next year. I really didn’t become political, or want to change my citizenship, until November (December?) 2000.

    I should think they, whoever “they” are, would want an active, aware, functionally literate and environmentally conscious citizen joining the ranks. And speaking out on behalf of equality and opportunity for all strike me as very American values indeed.

    I do get lots of hits from defense contractors, the Pentagon, the CIA, and other government agencies. Mostly when I wrote about privatization of government agency issues and, oh yeah, this one time when I wrote about Divine Strake, a big old bomb they tested out west last year.

    Sorry for all the infiltration! (And I’ll try to write more Britishly, whatever that means.)

  • ’74?! Surely no! No one was alive then.

    I find it amazing how many hoops they make you jump through to acquire citizenship (interviews?, tests!), while they grant it requirement-free to those born here. Good luck, and remember it’s “one nation under god” not “under Thatcher,” they dock you for that.

    Nov 2000 was when I was becoming politicized as well, though for me it had more to do with leaving my conservative town and going to college than the Bush v. Gore. That was just gravy.

    Surely “they” should want those things, but if INS is as politicized as the Justice Dept… But that’s unlikely, I don’t mean to sow worry. Interesting that you’re being investigated…or maybe you just have a following within the national security complex? They care about our poisoned food too!

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