Alternative 9/11s

An Absolution Revolution tells of Mel Gibson’s defeat of the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. This is similar to my approach to dealing with 9/11, which is to talk about the lesser known atrocities of the date, and try to counteract America’s 9/11 hyperbole via context. Except Jason went with a victory rather than a tragedy, which is subtle, but still flamethrower analogizing. Of course, it’s entirely possible he just wants to talk about a historically significant events of the date, but I’m skeptical.

2 comments to Alternative 9/11s

  • I really like your using the Allende overthrow, it’s funny how dates of things like that come together…

    If you go back to my blog on 9/11/06 I mentioned that it was Stirling Bridge day and perhaps we should recapture that as an alternative to “remembering 9/11”.

    I had intended to make that my one and only statement about 9/11, but a deluge of “support the troops and remember 9/11” from my livejournal friends provoked me to say more, so I did… but oh well. Next year I’ll try and find another obscured but worthy historical event.

    I like your writing, keep it up!

  • Thank you. My knowledge of Scottish history being limited to Braveheart (the shame…) and Macbeth, I was happy to learn more about such a pivotal event.

    I look forward to elevated obscurity in your next 9/11 post…if not the actual date (too much nationalism).

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