An Absolution Revolution

is my newest blog find, discovered amidst the mixed bag that is the resistance tag at Technorati.  First, it too links to the ParEcon page.  Second, here’s an excerpt from its about page:

A voice crying in the postmodern wilderness amidst the cacophony of bells, buzzers, whistles, flashing lights, flash videos, animated images, billboards, pop-up ads, talk shows, talking heads, information vendors, disinformation, misinformed ne’er-do-wells, in the midst of all the so-called diversity, all corralled by the oneness of the global market;

whose sacred relics have been subordinated to our present-day capitalistic iconography;

whose hallowed symbols have been relegated to fascist propaganda;

in which the Imago Dei has been subjected to narcissistic iconoclasm:

Very poetic.  For all your pomo-christian-anarchist blogging needs, go check em out.

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