Brutal Questioning

I hadn’t seen this video of an irritating questioner being tasered/arrested/abused at Kerry’s U of Florida speech, but it reminds me of nothing so much as the lengthy death scene in the first Austin Powers movie. Also: who gave this guy enough activist training to know to be loud and pained under arrest but not enough to know not to make lefties look like asses?

One comes across feeling more sorry for Kerry than anyone else. I mean, how do you segue out of real or implied police brutality?

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  • Aaargh, this was a horrible thing to witness, since it took place at my own alma mater. When I attended UF, there was such a thing as head shops, and we had what is still fondly remembered as the most decadent, no-holds-barred Hallowe’en festival on any campus anywhere, and there were campus protests all the time, and tasing someone for being a rude loudmouth? Unthinkable. Just unthinkable.

    So seeing this student tased hurt in more ways than just the sympathetic and very deep cringe I felt.

    We live in strange and different times, that’s for sure. I don’t recognize my school, and I don’t recognize the behavior of police there, either. Once upon a time…

  • P.S. I should add that Tasers didn’t exist then, but the time-appropriate equivalent (rubber bullets? Tear gas?) would never have been used, either.

  • Yeah, the police behavior at UF was bad, but don’t take it personally; I doubt most other schools would behave much better. We’ve definitely become a society more tolerant of state violence in recent years. Saddening.

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