Meier does Dallas

Meier’s Rachofsky House

The Rachofsky House: a modernist bachelor pad turned private art gallery (site of the previously mentioned Death-by-Meta show).

Lots of Meier trademarks here: white, strict adherence to a visibly articulated grid, sterile.  To my eyes, very beautiful as an art piece (as a home?  Well…maybe not, but then this is the typical critique of modern architecture.  For counterexamples from the cozy-modernist set I suggest Schindler and Nuetra.).

Missing from the picture is this Koons giant balloon animal which is above the pond and the drummer-manikin perched on the roof, like a leftover from last nights kegger.  Those give it a different feel.  Also difficult to see are the structural columns which are outside the structure at the first floor and then penetrate the facade and are visible inside on the upper levels.  Nice to see the structure displayed, but the architecture shows no respect for its lines.

The fractured lawn is a Robert Irwin piece, who’s ‘wonderful’ collaboration with Meier was made famous during the Getty project; so that’s a nice choice (There’s a wonderful video of the artists’ design discussions where Meier delivers a long critique, becoming less and less subtle until he finally calls Irwin “irresponsible” for denying visitors a view of the city from part of the Getty garden.  Irwin calmly listens, looks like he’s considering Meier’s advocacy, then yells “Bullshit!” and storms out. Hilarious. Also pretty good visual evidence that Meier is an asshole.)

The house is free to visit with a pre-arranged tour, so give them a call if you’re in Dallas.  They even include Felix Gonzalez-Torres souvenirs at no additional cost.

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