Atheism Sucks!

So there! I’m glad this blog is around because what Christianity really needs is to come off as more confrontational. For now I’m a mere spectator in the Atheist vs. Christianist Great War, but if they keep making fun of Christopher Hitchens, I may take up a sword for Christ.

But the best part of the Atheism Sucks! blog is the author, Frank Walton’s favorite movie list:

Rambo: First Blood, Seven Samurai, Tombstone, United 93, Die Hard, Malcom X, Terminator, Aliens, Scarface, Mean Streets, Godfather, Naked Gun, Predator, Friday Night Lights, Airplane, Under Siege, Bloodsport, Dirty Harry, Fugitive, Pulp Fiction, Hoop Dreams, Lord of the Flies (1963), Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Blade Runner, Lethal Weapon, Ace Ventura

A very brave mix of pulp action flicks and the best of the feel-good 80s.  But, really folks: What Would Jesus Watch?  Steven Segal?  John Claude Van Dam?  Bruce Willis?  I’m not concerned about the violence or the language, just, you know, the quality.

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  • Hey, thanks for recommending my blogsite! Much appreciated. Jesus saw all those movies by the way. After all, He is god. Frank Walton

  • But then again he watches porn too. Even kiddie porn. Which is a bit disturbing, oh well who am I to say that’s wrong, he’s God.

  • See, I thought you were gonna try to save me, and instead, you make God out to be the creepy man down the street whose house you can’t trick-or-treat at. I just don’t know what to think Frank…

  • I thought Christopher Hitchens was a smart guy.

    Then he admitted that he was an admirer of Trotsky, you know, the guy who rode around Russia in his armoured train burning churches and rounding up believers…[ 153 of his Not So Great Book.

    He also praised the ethical glories of Marism

    And on page 274 he lament Hannukkah as being one of the most “tragic” days in history…if only he Jews had been wiped out then “We could have been spared the whole thing.”.

    Hitchens is a vicious bigot.

  • I thought Trial of Henry Kissinger was well argued, but his pro-war (any war) stance really turned me off as do his periodic bigoted statements.

    I assume you’re referencing his new “God is Not Great” book? I haven’t read it, but my impression is that re: Hannukkah as a “most tragic day” he is not wishing for all Jews to be wiped out, but for the Hellenistic Jews to wipe out the Maccabees. I don’t pretend to know enough about history or Jewish theology to understand what that really means, but at cursory glance it sounds different than genocide.

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