Lights Out…Now

I’m turning out all my lights for an hour as part of a Lights Out LA energy conservation project.  This is a big sacrifice for me, because I’m afraid of the dark.  And I don’t really believe in individual action to fix structural social ills.  But I’m feeling generous tonight (and I need to balance out the baby seals I plan on clubbing later).

Regardless, I’m not nearly as cynical as John Galt in the comments to the Metroblogging LA post on this event:

If you live in real LA like me, not ivory-tower-or- behind-guarded-gates LA like celebrities and politicians, you might want to make sure you’re locked and loaded on October 20 from 8-9pm. When this city goes dark, robbers and looters come out to play.

When incandescent light bulbs are banned, which I am confident will eventually happen, I’m leaving the US. I’ll go down to Central America and smoke in public and drive around with kids in the back of my pickup and stuff.

I just can’t wait to see what happens when all these hybrids start getting up to 80,000 miles.

Anyone with half a brain should realize when anything becomes as trendy as environmentalism, you should be very, very skeptical. There is no way so many celebrity retards with sub-high school educations can be right.

Icandescant bulb ban = crime wave?  What?  The real agenda of rich environmentalists is…more crime?  Does a Prius come with a 80K-mile self destruct device?  I’m completely in the dark as to the meaning of this diatribe…maybe that we should be having “turn on all your lights and burn Al Gore in effigy for an hour” days instead?

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