LA, my love

The LA tribute at BLDGBLOG doesn’t quite hit all the reasons I love the city — I’m also very much enamored of the various efforts to create a livable world in the belly of the capitalist beast, and I give that it’s own category — but it comes close.  An excerpt:

I mean that Los Angeles is the confrontation with the void. It is the void. It’s the confrontation with astronomy through near-constant sunlight and the inhuman radiative cancers that result. It’s the confrontation with geology through plate tectonics and buried oil, methane, gravel, tar, and whatever other weird deposits of unknown ancient remains are sitting around down there in the dry and fractured subsurface. It’s a confrontation with the oceanic; with anonymity; with desert time; with endless parking lots.

LA’s “confrontation with geology” is what gives me a job, so I’m a particular fan of that.

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