Plastic Makes it Possible

Walmart bag achieves man’s age-old dream to blot out sun.
Photo by Vincent Cobb. Thanks!

What happens when you combine the evil of plastic bags with the evil of union-busting? No sun. So:

  • Play Nice.
  • Read this LAist Rant. Particularly this part:
      “I always had them in my car trunk with good intentions. Though, for years, I would forget to use them and give myself the obligatory mental swift kick in the arse, each and every time at the grocery store check out line when asked the ubiquitous paper/plastic question.”

    My wife has worked at a number of grocery stores, and this behavior drives her crazy. Not that it happens; that it does happen every time. Her mental retort: “Then walk out to your fucking car and get them.” So yes; your cashier is judging you when you check out.

  • If you know, tell me what the state of the oft-proposed LA city (or county) plastic bag ban. Supposedly this was going to be voted on soon, but I can find no recent news in all the internets

2 comments to Plastic Makes it Possible

  • Ben

    Just to share with you what I do. I just tell the cashier (or bagger if there”s one) to put everything back in the cart w/o bags. Then I just unload it in the trunk or whatever, and use the bags when I get home that I already have. Of course it’s a bit tough to do w/ some stores where you can’t take the cart out of the building or some cart corral barrier, as seems to be common in certain parts of the greater LA area where I lived.

  • That’s a good idea. I’ll propose to my wife that she suggest it to forgetful customers…an experiment to see how many bite.

    I too live in LA, and the Ralph’s by my house has the locking mechanism on their cart if you try to take them out of the parking lot, which makes it difficult if you’re parked down the street. But my wife works at TJs (lock free), so people there could do it more easily.

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