Flashback of Wrongness

From the Bad Futurist Pantheon: The End of Tall Buildings

Not that they don’t make a convincing case, but if anything we have entered an accelerated period of tower construction since 9/11. Even in LA, home of the earthquake, we’re racing up as fast as we can. An example of the wonderful city of tomorrow, being brought to you today: the Staples Center expansion. Which completes our development cycle:

  • Expired — suburbs
  • Tired — exurbs
  • Wired — downtown.

Repeat as necessary.

4 comments to Flashback of Wrongness

  • k

    that is hideous. nothin against skyscrapers in general, but there’s something about the freestanding scraper intentionally isolated spacewise from other tall buildings, that makes me think of very bad teeth…

  • Making LA the redneck to New York’s sophisticate? I’d never thought of the bad teeth metaphor before, but is apt.

    Really, I prefer Brooklyn’s general mid-rise density (gumminess? molars?) to skyscrapers placed alone or in bunches.

  • k

    i’ve actually heard that from a couple of different people lately – that the 6-8 floor building is preferable visually, even over the 3 floor brouwnstone.

    dentists everywhere – we like our teeth middlesized and with varied and colorful stoops…

    I think LA might prefer the term “showstopper,” but redneck might be apt :)

  • Urban Man on KCRW the other day was talking about how LA’s white people are basically all from Iowa (hence the city’s love for farmers’ markets, against all odds), which also fits with the redneck theme.

    I would like to see mouth stoops replace grills as the mouth bling of choice. I will do almost anything to make this happen.

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