Flickr: Skyscrapers

Ohhhh, pretty shiny things!

Mostly this Flickr group is definitive proof that no matter how garish the building, it will look cool as a 3-point perspective. I mean, check this out:

Chase Building in OKC
Photo by syd delicious. Thanks!

A pretty boring box made compelling and dramatic by perspective (though that column capital is sweet detailing). Which is why, in architectural drawing class I was forbidden from drawing buildings this way; It’s tantamount to propaganda. Not that one has much choice when it comes to individual photography; aerial views are hard to come by.

Another prominent group member is the Hancock Center, which is the cliche building for engineers to favorite (we love visible lateral braces!), but I like it anyway. I’ve been told that offices with a restricted view are more prestigious, though I don’t quite believe it; sounds like a slick engineer’s sale pitch. Anyway, the vertical truss archetype:

Hancock Tower
Photo by GatoGaroto. Thanks!

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